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The Old Buzzard Had It Coming
by Donis Casey
Poisoned Pen Press

pp. 226
ISBN 1590581490

"It was just after dinner on that January day in 1912, and very cold with a threat of snow, when Harley Day began the journey to his eternal reward.”

Alafair Tucker, her husband, and their nine children live a busy and happy life on their Oklahoma farm at the turn of the 20thCentury. When her daughter becomes involved in the murder of the meanest man in Muskogee County, she vows to move heaven and earth to protect her child, and incidentally, find out who killed the old buzzard. Casey’s novel evokes a time not yet 100 years past, that is so far removed from life in our modern age that we can barely imagine its daily toll and joys.

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"A lot of writers of historical mysteries tell us about the places their stories are set in; Casey actually takes us there."

"Life on the Oklahoma frontier in 1912 was anything but easy, yet Casey's sweet-tempered debut manages to make readers nostalgic for simpler times... the appealingly homey world Casey creates rings true. With so much going for her, readers will be right pleased to see a sequel"
Publisher's Weekly

"Casey has produced a sharp and suspenseful first novel."
Chicago Tribune

"Donis Casey...gives us a tale full of wit, humor, sorrow and, more important, the truth. Her Alafair Tucker deserves to stand beside Ma Joad in literature's gallery of heroic ladies."
Tony Hillerman

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About the Author

Donis Casey was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She earned a Master's degree in Library Science from the University of Oklahoma. For the past twenty years Donis has lived in Tempe, Arizona, with her husband. The Old Buzzard Had It Coming is her debut novel.


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