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Cherokee Medicine Man
by Robert J. Conley
University of Oklahoma Press

pp. 160
ISBN 0806136650

"John Little Bear was born with a veil over his entire body…As a child Little Bear could see into the future…Grandfather told him it was because of the veil…”

The ancient Cherokee tradition of medicine man as healer, counselor, and protector is very much alive in modern day Oklahoma. Conley did not set out to chronicle the life of a medicine
man. Instead, the medicine man came to him. John Little Bear
asked Conley to write down his story, to reveal to the world “what
Indian Medicine is really about.”

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"In his in-depth description of a remarkable Cherokee medicine man and his practice, Conley subtly weaves together everyday particulars and tensions of Cherokee life through a series of well limned case portraits. Conley's difficult achievement will be appreciated by Cherokee scholars and by those interested in the workings of Native American magico-medical systems."
Raymond D. Fogelson, Professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago

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About the Author

Robert J. Conley lives with his wife, Evelyn, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the historic capitol city of the Cherokee Nation. His poetry, short stories, novels, and non-fiction works have been published in several languages and have received many awards.

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