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Prairie City
by Angie Debo
University of Oklahoma Press

(Original copyright 1944)
pp. 254

ISBN 0806130946

"A few seconds past noon of April 22, 1889 two riders drew rein and looked upon a scene that telescoped nine generations of American frontier settlement into one flashing moment.”

Particularly well known for her studies of American Indian history, Debo also wrote about something she was intimately acquainted with: pioneer life. She and her family arrived in Oklahoma Territory in 1899. Prairie City is a social history of the rise, development, and decline of a midwestern town. Solidly based on historical research, Debo’s book chronicles the struggles of the settlers to build a community despite seasons of drought, prairie fire, and destitution.

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"Here, in this story of a small Oklahoma community, is America in microcosm. Here are the hopes, the fears, the dreams for the future, the development of the civic, social and economic consciousness of a town."
Alfred A. Knopf in awarding the 1944 Knopf Fellowship in History to Angie Debo for Prairie City

This is splendid social history, the quintessential American story of people and community.
Publishers Weekly

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About the Author

Angie Debo, widely regarded as the premier historian of the Southwest, wrote numerous books, among them Geronimo, A History of the Indians of the United States, The Rise and Fall of the Choctaw Republic, and The Road to Disappearance: A History of the Creek Indians.

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