The Final Six-Pack
Nominations for the Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma Book for 2007

Ramblin' Man
by Ed Cray
W. W. Norton

pp. 512

ISBN 0393327361

"Woody Guthrie was, is, America’s balladeer. During the epoch of our deepest despair, the Great Depression, his were the songs that lifted the lowly spirits of the ‘ordinary,’ the
millions of the dispossessed.”

Woody Guthrie, writer, singer, and political activist, is perhaps the single most important figure to have influenced the tradition of American folk music. His music honored and heartened the
dispossessed and disgruntled in an America darkened by poverty.
Ed Cray is the first biographer to have full access to the Woody
Guthrie Archives. Guthrie’s autobiographical novel, Bound for
, was part of the second Oklahoma Literary Six-Pack.

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"Something about Woody Guthrie seems to attract interesting, unexpected biographers… But all these surprising Guthrie chroniclers have nothing on Ed Cray."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Offers a much-needed corrective to the romanticized, too-familiar Guthrie"

"More than a dozen writers have tried to chronicle the vagabond life of Woody Guthrie, but none brought him alive quite like Ed Cray, not even Guthrie himself."
Associated Press

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About the Author

Ed Cray is the author of biographies of General George C. Marshall and Chief Justice Earl Warren. A professor of journalism at the University of Southern California, he lives in Santa Monica with his wife.

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