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University Boulevard
by A.B. Hollingsworth

Clock Tower Press

2003, pp. 389
ISBN 1932202110

“…Chipper noticed creeping, crawling changes from last spring—ears were disappearing beneath unruly hair, cheeks were shrinking under sideburned growth, and eyes were hiding behind wire-rimmed glasses.”

This sequel to Flatbellies follows Chipper DeHart and his friends as they maneuver Oklahoma college life during a turbulent era—a time when the John Wayne world of right and wrong is turned upside down in a tornado of social change. From the quagmire of Vietnam to trading middle-class traditions for the slippery slope of hippie enlightenment, Chipper’s caught in the middle, trying to lead himself, and his friends, into adulthood.

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"Like its predecessor (Flatbellies), Hollingsworth incorporates a number of touching scenes and worthwhile life lessons along the way."
Bob Fagan, Golf Today Magazine

"It’s a grand success story for an author whose primary career is that of a medical doctor. . . Hollingsworth is writing out of both sides of his brain and loving it."
Ann DeFrange, The Oklahoman

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About the Author

A.B. Hollingsworth is a breast cancer specialist who serves as the Medical Director for Mercy Women's Center in Oklahoma City. He is the author of several books, including a work of non-fiction—The Truth About Breast Cancer Risk Assessment—as well as the best-selling novel Flatbellies.

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