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Taking Indian Lands
The Cherokee (Jerome) Commission, 1889-1893
by William T. Hagan
University of Oklahoma Press

pp. 288
ISBN 0806135131

"Greed and humanitarianism rarely coalesced so beautifully in support of a policy. This was a synergy that would produce results."

Authorized by Congress in 1889, the Cherokee Commission was charged with negotiating the purchase of huge areas of land from the tribes in Indian Territory. The coerced sales led to more white settlement and eventual creation of the State of Oklahoma. Hagan researched more than two-thousand pages of commission journals to reveal the rhetoric and intimidating strategies of the commissioners and the responses of the tribes, who defended their attachment to the land and expressed their fears about how their lives would change.

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"Taking Indian Lands lets the commissioners' own words convict them of gross chicanery and contrivance. It also permits the reader to hear the Indians' own often eloquent but futile counterarguments in seeking a just settlement."
--Stan Hoig, author of Tribal Wars of the Southern Plains

"The Cherokee Commission set the stage for U.S.–Indian relations up to this day. This is a truly frightening and infuriating account."
—David LaVere, author of Contrary Neighbors: Southern Plains and Removed Indians in Indian Territory

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About the Author

William T. Hagan is retired Professor of History at the University of Oklahoma. His numerous books on American Indian subjects include: The Sac and Fox Indians; United States-Commanche Relations; Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief; and Theodore Roosevelt and Six Friends of the Indian, all published by the University of Oklahoma Press.

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