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Mean Spirit
by Linda Hogan
Ivy Books reprint edition

(Original copyright 1990, Atheneum Books)
pp. 384
ISBN 0804108633

"There were newer kinds of thieves than had been visible before, and these thieves wore fine suits, diamond stickpins, and buffed their fingernails."

Hogan mines a dark chapter in the history of Oklahoma and the Osage Tribe to tell this disturbing and enlightening story, which received the 1991 Oklahoma Book Award. Grace Blanket is the richest person in the Territory, thanks to the oil that flows beneath her land. Her murder is just the first of a series of violent events designed to intimidate the tribe and put their lands in the hands of oil barons.

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"Extraordinary… If you take up no other novel this year, or next, this one will suffice to hold, to disturb, to enlighten, and to inspire you."

"Compelling… This is North American magic realism: in the same way Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende examine their political history with a conjurer's eye, Linda Hogan has wrapped wonder and magic around some brutal American truths… She carves a vast tragedy down to a size and shape that will fit into a human heart."
Los Angeles Times Book Review

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About the Author

Linda Hogan is a Chickasaw poet, novelist, and essayist. She was born in Colorado and raised in Oklahoma. She is the author of several books of poetry and a collection of short fiction. She has received an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation, a Guggenheim Award, and a Five Civilized Tribes Playwriting Award. She received the Oklahoma Book Award for Mean Spirit. Visit Hogan's page on the Native American Authors Online site.

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